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Fear Not—Unless You’re Broke, Sick, Stupid and Ugly

February 29, 2016 , , , , , , , , , , ,

fearful_inbedEver wake up and, first thing, you feel fearful?

This happens to me regularly. Eyes open, fear rushes in, worry takes over, which always leads to feeling paralyzed, followed by the usual chatter in my head about how I can help everyone else (pull the splinter out of your neighbors eye). All the voices are on overdrive and I have to put them all in a time out, and fast! STFU

I always start the year off with 3 banner goals, an action plan and an arsenal of inspiration to push me forward and keep the momentum strong. During my commute, on one such fearful morning, I enlisted one of my goals to get me out of this hopeless vortex. The goal was to make a trade—trade the noisy morning radio chatter and the ‘entertainment report’ for MP3s and podcasts that inspire. (See some of my faves below.)

This morning Jim Rohn delivered a “brick to the head” that left a mark. Mr. Rohn was an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. His rags to riches story played a large part in his work, which influenced others in the personal development industry. His magical voice and quirky anecdotes were brought into my life by way of another prolific motivational speaker and successful entrepreneur, Darren Hardy. (see how all this inspiration starts connecting and compounding–magic!)

He recounted how he used to blame everyone else for his misfortune. The government, taxes, the economy, his boss, etc. were all to blame for his being broke, or sad or whatever vortex he was in that was less than desirable.

And, by blaming everyone and everything else, he effectively removed himself from any responsibility or change. Then it dawned on him…if he continued to choose pitiful and blamey, he would reap the rewards that accompany a victims mentality. It would always be less than. He decided this wouldn’t do.

He went on to recount the following, and needless to say, it changed my day immediately. He experienced a life-changing conversation that went something like this:

  1. Are you broke? Even if you answer, “yes,” you are broke and living in the United States of America. You have more opportunities than most of the other people in the entire world.
  2. Are you broke AND sick? Even if you answer, “yes,” you are broke and sick and living in the United States of America. You have more opportunities than most of the other people in the entire world.
  3. Are you broke, sick AND stupid? Even if you answer, “yes,” you are broke, sick and stupid and living in the United States of America—the richest country in the world; a place to create wealth and access healthcare and learn.
  4. Are you broke, sick, stupid AND ugly? Well, now you may really have a problem. 😉

What I took away from this “brick to the head” was to stop feeling sorry for myself. Stop worrying about shit that doesn’t matter. Stop letting in noise and negativity and toxicity that isn’t going to boost my state of mind or make me feel the way I want to feel. Stop feeling fearful and start taking action. No situation is insurmountable until I’m laying in a hospital bed with a bag over my head in a third world country. Then, maybe I have a problem and should invite fear back in. Until then, fear is not invited to this party!

Stay sane, my friends.

Allison DeFord


P.S. Give these a listen and send fear packing:

Inside-Out Live Talks


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