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Just For the Love of It

August 24, 2015 , , , , , , , , , ,

For the Love of ItYou know that old saying, “Just for the hell of it!” — after a beautiful little “brick to the head” this past weekend, I’ve decided a new saying could be, “Just for the love of it!”

15 Going on 30 and her boyfriend (we’ll refer to him as The Boy) wanted to do something special for their 6-month dating anniversary. They decided they wanted to make dinner together and have a romantic (I use this term loosely) dinner outside on our patio to commemorate this milestone. This is where I start picking pieces of brick out of my head…

Helping her prepare for the evening and then watching them together reminded me so much of Mr. Confessions and myself once upon a time when we were drowning in the dopamine flood and our only focus was on each other. Neither of us pre-occupied with work and kids and school tuition and sports and home improvements, and the thought of a 401K sounded more like the name of a popular drug than a retirement account.

Firstly, 15 Going on 30 wanted to wear something cute that The Boy had never seen her in. We hit a little shop in our town called Nectar and she ended up choosing a simple little black sundress. A little sexy in the back, but I shut my eyes tight and pretended I was ok with it. She and I ended up having the perfect mother/daughter day together, including pedi’s and a trip to my favorite store, Cost Plus World Market, for candles, new cloth napkins, sparkly placemats and napkin rings. And, what table would be complete without some chocolate gold coins randomly scattered. (yeah, the kind you get in your stocking at Christmas) Of course, 8 Going on 18 had to taste test them to make sure they weren’t poison.

The Boy showed up with flowers, the fix-ins for dinner and was dressed to impress. He took one look at her in that dress with her hair swept up in a cute loose bun and the look on his face pretty much said it all. It was precious! Yes, I used the word precious. They proceeded to make pasta and sauce together and even pretended my pointers were welcomed. He brought the Tiki Punch soda they both like and 8 Going on 18 and her Partner in Crime played waitress and filled up special (wine) glasses with the Tiki and served them their special dinner (decked out in aprons and all). Pretty sure they’re still expecting a tip. (entitled youth)

My Girl and The Boy spent the next hour talking and laughing and taking selfies of their special dinner. They exchanged small gifts and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have wiped those smiles off their faces if I tried. We had the John Mayer channel playing in the background and the mood was happy and light.

After dinner they came inside and cleaned up the kitchen. At one point I looked over and they were dancing–quietly moving to the music. It was like I was watching from behind the cloak of invisibility, even though I was standing in plain sight. It was as if they were the only two people in the room.

Mr. Confessions and I used to do things like this all the time. Is it a “girl thing” to dig romance and spontaneity and special intimate moments? Do men even care about stuff like that? I actually think they’d love it if we surprised them with a stripper poll and a some CFM pumps and sent the kids to grandma’s for the weekend. That may be a different post altogether. It also may require a boob job and tummy tuck.

I guess my “brick to the head” was this: don’t get so busy thinking about work and kids and money and appointments and 401K’s that we forget to do those special little things—like show up in a new dress or plan a picnic in front of the fireplace or mark an insignificant milestone (like, it’s Wednesday) with our significant other “just for the love of it!” Extra effort doesn’t always have to take a bunch of money or time. Just thought and a little action. And, maybe getting outside of our own head long enough to think about what might make your partner light up like a Christmas tree. Surprise and delight! And don’t forget to grab them and hold them and move to the rhythm of the music (live or in your head) as if you’re the only two people in the room.

For the love of it!

Stay sane, my friends.



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Your girl’s ‘romantic dinner’ sounds adorable! I think you’re right about making the effort to have a bit of romance in life even after life, work and babies force you into adulthood. What’s life without romance? 🙂

Liked by 1 person

Jellyfish Mama

August 24, 2015

Exactly! We’re not dead yet!

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Allison DeFord

August 24, 2015

Forgot to mention…they also thought it would be fun to mix every shape of pasta together and make bow tie-spaghetti-rotelli-penne! Fantastico!! So creative. Why use only one kind when you can mix all of them?!


Allison DeFord

August 24, 2015

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