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What To Do When Your Family Leaves You

June 30, 2015 , , , ,

15 Things To Do When Your Family Leaves YouWeek-long family trip to Colorado (softball related, of course) and I made the executive decision to send my family on without me. The thought of being out of the office for an entire week with several critical deadlines looming was sending me into panic mode. Normally, I would say, “Go on girl, work can survive seven days without you there…it will all be there when you get back.” This time felt different. So, I trusted my gut and decided to stay home and get shit done!

Now, I don’t know about you, but there are very few times since having my kids that I’ve been in our house ALONE. Much less, for an entire week. Granted, my mother-in-law is staying with us for a bit and to most of you this would be a “dunk my head in wine and drown me” situation, but I actually like her and we get along beautifully, so it’s all good. What I’m talking about is an entire week that’s all about me. For me. By me. Me, me, me. Only me. Honestly, it’s super weird! (another post coming about that)

So, what to do when your family leaves you for an entire week…gosh, I could go to a movie (that is non animated or involves killing), plan a couple GNO’s and get all cray-cray, let the laundry pile up and eat out every night. You’d think!  Here’s my alternative list below. I’ve really got to step up my game.

15 Things To Do When Your Family Leaves You

1- Sit in your house and just listen to the beautiful silence. It’s almost creepy. Someone pinch me.

2- Watch “Love Actually”, “Leap Year”, “Pretty Woman” and “50 First Dates” over and over and over.

3- Take a picture of the empty laundry baskets and frame it for later. It will NEVER happen again.

4- Listen to the music you like, in your own car on full blast…and sing; feel free to use hand gestures.

5- Walk around your house naked and compliment yourself OUT LOUD! Damn girl, you look good!

6- Close the children’s bedroom doors and resist the temptation to just gut them both…I know, it’s hard!

7- Ask yourself questions out loud…”What would YOU like for dinner?” “How was YOUR day?”

8- Do not set an alarm and sleep in. You can stay at work late…nobody needs to be anywhere!

9- Make appointments for yourself…mani, pedi, massage, dentist and go to them, BY YOURSELF.

10- Sit and THINK. I know, it’s been awhile and you’re out of practice. Give it a go.

11- Go shopping and look at what you want to. No, you don’t have to go to the children’s section.

12- Take a picture of the inside of your car…it will never be this tidy again.

13- Park in the middle of the driveway…at an angle! Take up the whole damn thing.

14- Have another glass of wine (well, I’d probably do that anyway); nobody needs a ride home later.

15- Stop thinking about your husband and kids all day…they’ll be back!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What would you do if your family left you for a whole week? Share in the comments below. And, if you know someone whose struggling with balancing motherhood, a career and a mate and could use a good laugh feel free to share this with them. The more the merrier!

Stay sane, my friends.

Allison DeFord


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