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Confessions of a Professional Mom

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Day 81-57: I’ve Fallen and I Can Get Up

November 4, 2014 , , , , ,

DAY 81-57 of the Last 100 Days of 2014

Brick to the Head - Asking is HardDay 81-57 of the 100 day challenge…asking the impossible, every day, for the last 100 days of 2014! (see the original challenge link here:

I have fallen down on posting my “asks” each day, but I can get up. Unless I am mindful of my intentions each day and clearly focused, I let life happen and don’t follow thru with my commitments. Brick to the head! Ouch!

Robin Sharma has a wonderful saying that has inspired me through this 100 Day Challenge:

“Change is hard in the beginning
it’s messy in the middle
and it’s beautiful in the end.”

These 100 days are bringing about big change. Change is inevitable, right?! I feel more aware of it and how I have the power to ignite or manage the changes. In the last 25 days here are some of the things I’ve asked for:

-a free topping
-my kids to let me know if there’s anything I do that’s right
-my sister to “get real” with me
-extra hugs
-free delivery
-friends to babysit my kid (I hate imposing)
-a date night
-the man next to me on the airplane to turn his phone on vibrate (I was so afraid to ask him, I contemplated it for fifteen minutes and after the 25th text ding, I said fuck fear!)
-a server to keep the extra change
-a prospective client to slow down
-my team to be more empathetic to our customers and create from that perspective
-realize and accept that the dynamic of my Super Friends Group is changing (this is a toughy)
-what I’m worth ($$)
-my inner mean girl to sit down and shut up

I continue to learn that “asking for what I really really want” doesn’t come as natural as I thought. Sometimes asking feels hard or uncomfortable. It’s been an exercise in growth for this girl, to say the least. Learning why certain emotions are attached to asking. Then deciding if it’s true or just a story that I’ve been telling myself. As they say in the old Batman TV show, BAM! SPLAT! POW!

So many bricks to the head. I’m starting to get a headache!

57 days left in 2014. What will you do with them? Start today, where you are right now.

Stay sane, my friends.

Allison DeFord


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