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Confessions of a Professional Mom

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Day 88: Asking for patience!

October 8, 2014 , , , , , , ,

DAY 88

Day 88 of the 100 day challenge…asking the impossible, every day, for the last 100 days of 2014! (see the original challenge link here:

Today I asked the impossible…of myself. I asked myself to be patient; with my body and just love what I’ve got.

Remember when you were 20 and if you worked out and watched what you ate any extra weight basically melted away in a nanosecond?! Ok, maybe it was more like a week or two, but that was then and this is now. For the most part I exercise every day. Sometimes it’s a power walk with the dog and sometimes it’s a full blown P90X ass kicking. For the last two months I’ve kicked it up a notch and every morning at 5:30 I’m on the stationery bike, in my garage (home fitness kingdom/man cave) and in the evening I do Yogalosophy with my favorite yogi, Mandy Ingber, or P90X or Pilates. Sweat city!

Besides the medicinal wine in the evening, I eat really well every day and drink plenty of water. Also, I get more sleep now than I have in ages. So, with all that goodness going on you’d think I would look like Jennifer Aniston already. Not the case! WTF

So, following what I know from Byron Katie (thank you Lori), I must be good with what is. Anything else is insanity.

Mandy Ingber says this (and I love it):

Be good with what you got!

Be grateful for health, sight, sound, smell and the fact that I have strength and a warm coat for my six pack.

I’m on the dawn of 47 and my body and metabolism have changed. That’s life! I’m going to say “yes” to being patient and pay attention to HOW I FEEL versus HOW I LOOK. There is no perfect, just healthy! I’m choosing healthy and good vibrations.

What’s something impossible you could ask for today? From someone else or yourself? Ask away! You’ll be surprised at what you get.



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You are a beautiful 47 year old! Happy birthday dear friend. ❤️



October 8, 2014

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