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Social Media Just Blew Up

September 30, 2014 , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

social media just blew upHow many times a day do you check social media? Are you spending more time with your “internet friends” or your real friends? Is there really a difference between the two?

Recently, 14 Going on 40 shared a story with me about a girlfriend of hers who she thinks is addicted to Twitter. I asked what she based this diagnosis on? She claims this girl checks her Twitter feed every waking minute (that she’s not in school I would hope) and watches for her friends to DM (Direct Message) each other and then gets upset about it that she wasn’t included. Issues much?

When my daughter calls her on it, Addicted to Twitter gets defensive and denies it. Daughter asks why she’s been distant and Addicted tells her “she’s been spending more time with her internet friends, that’s all.” She was serious!

Are there people who have honestly forgotten the difference between real friends and internet friends?

First of all, the latter are not your friends, per se. They’re connections, or old school chums, or random people who have pressed a LIKE button. These don’t constitute real friends. Think how easy it is to press LIKE. Whether it’s on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest or Instagram. It takes no effort or commitment or time. All it means is they approve. Do we need that? Really? Does it matter?

I have been guilty of pressing the LIKE BUTTON many times. Lately, I catch myself though. Does it really matter if I LIKE it or not. Does it really SAY anything about our friendship or our relationship? Would it carry some actual weight if I COMMENTED or, God forbid, called them on the phone or saw them in person?! I know, I know. I’m getting all crazy here.

At one point my daughter actually told me, “It’s weird to talk on the phone.”

Am I old? Have I lost touch with what’s happening nowadays? With how the masses communicate? If so, I’m in trouble, since communications is what I do for a living. I’d like to believe that real, face to face relationships are still the foundation of a healthy society.

I actually have a connection (relative) on Facebook who greets everyone on FB with “Good Morning FB friends!” and “Good night!” Is it just me or is this odd? Does this indicate that her social circle is, in fact, online? Does she communicate in any other fashion with humans, face to face?

I shudder to think that this is how people are “communicating” now. It’s safe. It’s passive. It’s easy. When was the last time you sat through a meal with friends and there wasn’t someone glued to their phone checking social media?! Right?! Is this just me or is this sad?

Suffice it to say, it’s a good idea to create boundaries with social media, for you and your kids. Total time spent each day, number of times you check it per day, concern for your quantity of followers or likes. Remember, it doesn’t matter!

If social media blew up tomorrow how many REAL friends would you have? Who are you spending REAL time with? Are you “friending” and “liking” from afar or FOR REAL?

Stay sane, my friends.

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I was going to just click “Like” to let you know that I approve (although you wouldn’t give it much weight considering we don’t really know each other) but thought that might make you think that I missed your point!
I didn’t, you made it very well!


Cristi G.

September 30, 2014

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