Confessions of a Professional Mom

Confessions of a Professional Mom

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Ready…at a Moments Notice

May 29, 2014 , , , , , , , , ,

taximomDoes it feel like you’re ON, 24/7. Ever at the ready—to show up, pick up, clean up or give it up. At times this skill fills me with pride and other times I find it exhausting. This also feels like a skill that isn’t shared by all humans (i.e.: men, kids, our parents),  mostly just women.

If this were a class in school, would anyone take it? They might consider making it a “major”. We would all have honorary degrees, at this point.

I am or have been ready…at a moments notice…

…to wipe someones butt (preferably your own child) or retrieve their discarded booger.

…to generate a fantastic branding campaign that will wow millions.

…to clean up the vomit that got on your suit right before a big meeting.

…to throw a dinner party for 20 that doesn’t suck.

…to run back home and fetch the forgotten lunch and permission slip.

…to give a quickie blow job when the kids are outside playing.

…to run to the nearest Target (during a softball tournament in BFE) to get Under Armor because your kid left all three of hers at home.

…to go pick up five teenagers (who live at opposite ends of the earth) for an impromptu sleepover.

…to stay up until 3am making a fucking, I mean darling, pilgrim costume.

…to drive all the way back to Ikea because ‘someone’ dropped “Pup Pup” in the parking lot.

…to fly across the country because your sister needs you.

…to lay down and read stories and sing Twinkle Twinkle even though you’re so damn tired you can’t see straight.

…to re-schedule that huge presentation and go pick your kid up at school because she’s sick.

…to run out and buy an entirely new outfit (on the way to the meeting) because Aunt Flo decided to drop in early. #whitepantsbad

…to breastfeed, poop and pet the dog all at the same time.

…to stay up all night talking because someone is struggling.

…to enjoy some good wine…ok, any wine.

…to help a friend.

…to turn the voices inside my head off and turn on some self love instead.

…to be more like a microwave and less like a crock pot….ding ding din…#funky town

…to dance with fear instead of running from it.

…to give of myself even when it feels like there’s nothing left to give.

…to ditch the fancy dress and heels for flip flops and shorts.

…for whatever life throws at me.

What are you ready to do at a moments notice?

Stay sane, my friends.





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