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Turning Lemons into a Martini

April 11, 2014 , , , , , , , , , , ,

Turning Lemons into a MartiniSo many adults have this ability to turn “what is” into “what should have been.” My dear friend call this “arguing with reality.” I believe everything happens for a reason and how we respond to it makes all the difference. You know who’s really got this wired — little kids.

There is so much we can learn, from little kids.

They have yet to be tainted by self doubt and the fear of being judged. They are confident that everything will work out for their benefit. They have a knack for turning bad things into good. Carefree and self-confident, they know how to turn lemons into lemonade.

I saw this first-hand yesterday, when an innocent game of Freeze Tag was interrupted by a very large tree. 6 Going on 16 was in mock ten, fleeing her opponents, when suddenly, a very large tree appeared out of nowhere…needless to say, the tree WON! Game over. Shock! Crying! Big fat bruise makes its way up the side of her face.

Bruised!Team pictures are in 5 minutes. Yikes! I could have freaked out that she was now “incapacitated” and refused to have her picture taken. The entire reason we were at the park in the first place. But, I did not. I chose to just be good with “what is.” She was playing, ran into a tree, cried so hard her eyes are now a bright shade of crimson, sporting a gimongous bruise up the side of her face and she is simply upset and unable to be photographed. That’s it!

This was a much better reaction than I would have displayed when 14 Going on 40 was little. I would have been more concerned with what the other parents thought of her reaction and unwillingness to participate in the photoshoot, possibly over-reacted and rushed her to the ER thinking she fractured her face and been pissed off that I left work early and battled traffic only to make it there ON-TIME and have her NOT be in the pictures at all. (Ok, so I may have thought about that a little)

This morning was a bright new day. She was so excited to show everyone her war wounds. This giant bruise was less of an eye-sore and more of a badge of courage. She had it all planned out what she thought her teacher would say and how concerned she’d be. She turned the lemon into a martini…tart and delightful with a twist. Clink!

Always learning…

Stay sane, my friends.



P.S. If you have a LemonDrop recipe you want to share, I’m all ears!


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