Confessions of a Professional Mom

Confessions of a Professional Mom

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Puttin’ on My Big Girl Pants

September 27, 2013 , , , , , , , , , ,

Puttin' On My Big Girl Pants(Insert Barney Fife sniff here)

After several days of deliberation and hearing arguments from both sides, the court has decided that Allison needs to put on her “Big Girl Pants” and stand her ground.

Faced with the ugly reality of “sometimes plans change and you don’t always get to do what you want” 13 Going on 30 dug her feet in and started the guilt slingin’. It was like looking at myself in a mirror 33 years ago. Yikes! Completely unsure how my mother lived through it.

It’s hard disappointing your kids. We try so hard every day to watch out for them, keep them safe, fed, clothed and entertained and somewhat “normal”. (whatever that means) Everything is going along swimmingly and then BAM! shit hits the fan and it’s a knock down drag out. I am guilty of giving more than I should. Maybe that’s why it’s hard to say, “NO, I’m the mom. I’m calling the shots. The answer is NO. Get over it! ”

Hhhhhhhhh! Part of me feels strong and wise and, like “fuck yeah I know what’s right” and the other part of me feels worn out and a little guilty. I’ve gotta pull these pants up pretty high and tighten up my belt. I’m in for a long and bumpy ride.

Judge Judy OUT!

Stay sane my friends,




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