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Confessions of a Professional Mom

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Worry Wart Alert!

February 14, 2013 , , , , , , , , ,

Worry Wart AlertBrownish-gray, big, pithy and hairy…that (or maybe my mother) is what I picture when I think of a worry wart.

Imagine if every time we worried we broke out in warts, spots or some other ungodly blemish. On any given day I might literally be covered from head to toe. It would be like that book I read to my kids, Bad Case of Stripes, only I’d be the Bad Case of Spots. Kids would read it and say, “Hey mom, isn’t that Drea and Ivy’s mom?! Yes, honey, she’s a worry wart.”

Luckily, I am gaining a better understanding of what worry really is and why it’s a big fat waste of time. It can hold you hostage and keep you immobilized until help arrives bearing wine. I have learned so much from my mentor, Steve Chandler. I’m gonna bet a pen that you might benefit from his wisdom as well. Here’s an excerpt from a recent blog post about worry and what you gain when you stop doing it. Enjoy, and pass the wine!

“It’s really important to understand the nature of worry.

Worry is not the same as concern.  Worry is certainly not the same as caring.  Worry is not a function of caution.  Worry is not responsible behavior.  Worrying stops the flow of energy, creativity and innovation.  Therefore, worry actually reduces the effectiveness of the person who worries.

So, for example, if you are always worried about money, then your effectiveness in saving money and producing money is reduced by the worry.  I mean …. it sounds cruel, it sounds like a compassionate universe ought to reward people who worry about money, but the opposite happens.

Worrying is habitual after a while.  People begin to worry about things and then the mind gets in that rut, it gets in that jingle track.  It’s funny how your mind just goes where it went yesterday and the day before if you leave it alone. The sun rises and it starts worrying again.

People don’t worry because they care about something deeply.  They worry because they worry.  They worry because they worried yesterday and the day before.  So the worrying is occurring……NOT in response to the seriousness of situations, but rather the worry occurs because of previous worrying. And that’s hard for people to see because they believe in an outside-in, stressful world.

They believe that whatever it is they are doing (including worrying) is occurring because of something outside of them—-the economy, crime, our brother-in-law’s moving in with us. Worry seems to be occurring because of some outside event beyond one’s control and worry then feels like a natural response to that.

If that’s my habitual system of repetitive “thought,” how can I now proceed to use my imagination? How can I creatively produce solutions for myself?

I can’t.  Because my imagination is OCCUPIED. I go to my imagination and it has an OCCUPIED sign on it like a portable toilet at a golf tournament. I wake up and my imagination is already taken over (sorry, that seat’s already filled).  It’s already occupied with habitual worry.

Why do I doubt my ability to make money?  Well, I somehow sense that it will take imagination and I also somehow sense that this imagination of mine is already spoken for.

What I want to learn to do is to clear the house, send the worry home, and bring in the proper adventurous warrior thoughts. They are infinite when I am cleared. They can get me anything if I give them half a chance.”

I’m striving to be worry-free and trust-filled. Join me?

Stay sane, my friends.



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