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Confessions of a Professional Mom

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Smell that?

February 5, 2013 , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Smell that?Did someone fart?
Who tracked in dog shit?

Ever just feel like burying your head in a pillow (or a big fat pink rose or a bong, depending on your preference) and just take a big fat long inhale? A long slow deep breath….

I was listening to a webinar this morning on the way in to the studio (I’ll share it below) and one statement jumped out at me like a brick to the head. We can’t just exhale all the time, we’ve got to breathe in and fill ourselves up. Try it! Just exhale…..and, then you pass out. You pass out from lack of oxygen to the lungs and to the brain; from exhaustion. You’re empty!

Breathing in. Filling ourselves up. Smelling the proverbial roses, if you will. It’s imperative for our survival (and that of anyone within 10 feet of us on a bad day).

Our days and nights are consumed with filling up everyone else. Making sure their needs are met. Their laundry is clean. Their lunches are made. They get to their lessons and appointments. They (new they) get their sexual needs met. They feel heard and understood. They get time to fill themselves up. They (new they) get your full attention and immediate response. They get your most creative work. They get their deadline met.

When we’re so busy filling everyone else up all we’re doing is exhaling. Huff! Puff! Run here! Run there! We’re forgetting to fill ourselves up.

We’re so concerned with giving our work and our kids enough. Time. Attention. Creativity. Funny thing is, once you’re dead, nobody is going to say, “She was a saint because she spent every waking minute with me.” No! They value what you accomplished and the example you set. They say things like, “She always took care of her body and exercised and she taught me to do the same.” “She went back to school at 38 and got her degree and lived her passion.” “She worked hard, was successful financially and helped so many people get a fresh start.”

The golden nugget here is remembering to fill ourselves up consistently, so there’s always overflow. If we serve everyone in our lives from the overflow, there’s always enough. They talk about the “teacup” example in the webinar. Give it a listen!

Today is just a reminder (brick to the head) to me and to you. Breathe in. Fill yourself up. Overflow—it’s a good thing. Running on empty won’t get you very far.

Smell that? It’s an appointment with yourself.

Stay sane, my friends.
P.S. Here’s the link to the MP3 webinar, SOLVING OUR OWN MONEY ISSUES AND FEARS with Steve Chandler and special guest, Michelle Bauman. Free, just for you!



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