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Keep Allison Weird

February 4, 2013 , , , , , , , , ,

Keep Austin WeirdEver been to Austin, Texas?  I had the great fortune of spending a long weekend there last year and between the art and music and food, you wouldn’t have to twist my arm very hard to go back. One of my favorite things about Austin is their slogan, “Keep Austin Weird!” Now, before you go correcting me, I do know their actual tagline says, “Live Music Capital of the World,” but it’s the weird one that I fell in love with.

The story is that when Red Wassenich created “Keep Austin Weird!” his original attempt was to highlight those aspects of the town that are really weird. Commercialism swiftly reared it’s ugly head and now the slogan has been commoditized every which way but loose—t-shirts, pencils and condoms.

I think “Keep Allison Weird!” will be my new personal slogan. Shoot, my kids tell me I’m weird. Why not just go with it?!

This is ironic since I spent my entire life wanting to be anything BUT weird. I never wanted to stand out or be different. I wanted to be “like” all the girls that I admired. I didn’t want to be made fun of or whispered about. I guess I just wanted to fit in.

Now, at 45, I say bring on the weirdness. I am ready to embrace all the little idiosyncrasies that make me Allison. I am not like anyone else and that is good. That’s what makes each of us interesting and unique. I am no longer afraid to be weird. So what if I sing at the top of my lungs…and make up words to songs I don’t know…while driving…with the windows down…in the pick up line at my kids school. Who cares what the other moms think of me. So what if I laugh out loud in the Hallmark store or hum when I’m using a public restroom or run out to grab the paper wearing only slippers (ok, I only did that once).

Embracing your weirdness takes two things: vulnerability and fearlessness. Vulnerability because we have to expose ourselves to the possibility of attack and/or criticism and fearlessness because we must be brave and bold.

I would like to ask you for your support. Please help keep my weird! I will do the same for you.

Stay sane, my friends.



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I am pretty sure that we all acted weird enough in Austin to keep us weird for a lifetime. 🙂



February 6, 2013

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