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Confessions of a Professional Mom

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I Love You, Now Stop It!

January 24, 2013 , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Beware of PlasticI live in Southern California where people are tan, the lifestyle is laid back and women are addicted to plastic surgery. Seriously, I can walk in to any local Starbucks or eatery and, there, I can observe “plastics” in action. Women who have implants of every sort, lips like a puffer fish and eyes pulled so tight they look like they just found out Saks is going out of business. Did I mention they need to “eat a sandwich,” they’re so thin?!

Why is this happening? I understand if you’ve got a jacked up nose and want to fix it, then rock on with that. Or, if  your boobs look like SunMaid raisins after having kids then get some boobs…feel good about them again. Droopy eyes, trouble seeing—get the lift.

What I don’t understand is women (I know men are falling prey as well) who willingly pump botulism into their face and implants into their cheeks and butt. Bleach things that don’t need bleaching. It’s an asshole, it’s supposed to be that color! If your mate doesn’t like it they can dine elsewhere.

Have women not taken notice of Joan Rivers? I admire her style and perseverance and fearless comedic style, during a time when women didn’t “talk that way,” however, look what she’s done to herself. She doesn’t look like Joan anymore. She looks plastic. Fake. Expressionless.

So many other women in show business have gone the route of Joan—Mary Tyler Moore, Marlow Thomas. Is that pressure so huge that you’re willing to trade your God-given face and hard-earned laugh lines for painful surgeries and a permanent joker-like expression?

If you’re 75, be 75! It’s not a bad thing. Look at Judy Dench, Helen Mirren and Vanessa Redgrave. (seeing a British theme here) Gorgeous and real.

I am a fan of the show, Cougar Town, now on TBS. This post is for you, Courtney Cox. I love you, now stop it! You’re lovely and funny and successful. Please stop messing with your face. Your own daughter won’t end up recognizing you when you’re 75. Also, don’t be afraid to “eat a sandwich.”

Why are we so afraid of looking older? Age is not a curse, it’s a privilege.

Let’s embrace our age, ladies! Be good with what we have. Take care of our bodies and skin, but stay level-headed about what normal is. Plastic is not normal. Botox is not normal. They’re fake!

Love yourself and just be real! 

Stay sane, my friends. Love you just the way you are!



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