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It’s a Numbers Game!

January 14, 2013 , , , , , , , , ,

Take a Number!

What are your measurements? Social, please! Age? Shoe size? Weight? How tall are you? Doesn’t it feel like life can be such a numbers game?! 





We come into the world and the very first thing they do is chart our stats. Length, weight, head circumference, naval size (made that up). Then all your parents friends critique the numbers and compare them to every other baby they’ve had or known.

You go to school and you become #12, based on where your last name falls in the roster. You want to be FIRST in line. FIRST in the race. Never last. That’s bad.

You hit puberty (creepiest word ever invented). Your body changes. You count the hairs as they come in. You start becoming conscious of the number on the scale. Is it too large? Is it to little? Eat less. Lift weights. Sweat it out. Compare to your friends.

You apply for college. What was your SAT score? What’s your class ranking? GPA? How much money do you have? How much can you borrow?

Start your own business, foolishly thinking you’re going to practice graphic design, and ultimately it’s always about the number in the bank, the number of clients you have, the number on the clock and the number of minutes you can pry yourself away from the office without the entire world falling apart.

Get married and it’s all about watching the number on the scale drop back down to something that resembles high school range. How many guests are coming? What’s the number in your wedding party? How much did it cost?

Get pregnant and marvel at the wonderful stories your friends tell that scare the hell out of you. You are now convinced you’re a freak because they only gained half an ounce when they were pregnant and you’re pushing an extra 50. Your feet expand from a comfortable 8 to a 9. You’re the elephant woman!

Then it’s back to the whole baby stats…

This all came to me the other day when, after several weeks of a healthy cleanse, increased exercise and no wine (yes, I really did just say that) I was feeling pretty great. Then, I stepped on the scale only to see that the number hadn’t moved at all. WTF???? “Pretty great” spirals into “fucking sucks you big fat cow!” I stopped myself and thought, wow, the power of a number. How did I feel before seeing the number? I felt really good. Healthier. Happier. Leaner. Stronger. So, was I going to let a number change all that? Should I give up on all the positive work I’d been doing?


We are so much more than numbers. We aren’t our social security number or our birthdate or our measurements or the number on a scale or the number of widgets we sold last month. We are each exceptional beings who possess the ability to create life, run a marathon, impart knowledge, share wealth, write books, design buildings, scale mountains, empower children, play music, invent, protect, serve and love. We are unique individuals who can define ourselves, not by a number, but by our gifts, our energy and our zeal.

So, is it a numbers game? Only if that’s the way we choose to play. Whether you’re #12 or 36-24-36 or daughter #2, I challenge you to break the rules and play big! Pay more attention to how you feel.

Stay sane, my friends.

P.S. The only time I uttered 36-24-36 was for my locker combination. 😉



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Wow…wat a post.. liked reading this.. 🙂



January 14, 2013

Oh dear Allison…how you inspire me so!! Your words not only speak the truth they hit like a bullet to the head. Love every word of this. And in my world love, you are not just a 10, you’re a super-fucking alluring, authentic, brave and rich 10!



January 14, 2013

This is awesome! Totally what I needed today!


Jessica Wilson

January 14, 2013

I gotta say, I totally agree with you on us not being a number and trying to not look at numbers. When I first started to eat healthier after my husband and I moved I felt better, yet the scale also didn’t move and then I felt like a failure. I now rarely look at the scale, because I know the power those numbers have over me if I don’t reach what I want.



January 14, 2013

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