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“Softball Moms of Orange County” – Let’s Play Ball!

November 27, 2012 , , , , , ,

There’s a new reality show debuting. Have you heard of it yet?

Well, probably not, since it only exists in my head. You see, my oldest daughter plays travel softball. For those of you who aren’t familiar it’s similar to club soccer or any other competitive league that prepares young players for high school and college sports.

Funny, notice I just mentioned preparing young players. CHILDREN! What we’re supposed to be preparing them for is healthy competition. Being physically and mentally fit. To contribute to a team and respect themselves, their teammates and coaches. In reflecting on a recent tournament, I seriously wonder if, instead, they are being taught some of that and a whole boatload of other disenchanting character traits.

Some of the moms and I were joking about starting a new reality TV show, called Softball Moms of Orange County. There could be hundreds of spin-offs from all around the country. Check your local listings.

The premise of the show is to highlight all of the drama that plays out behind the scenes. In between games. Over cyber airwaves. Much like the current Housewives series and a host of other reality shows that feed off the drama that unfolds in everyday situations, our show would expose the dysfunction that exists in the wonderful world of travel softball.

Would anyone watch? I don’t really know. Do people want to observe parents belittling their children, coaches humiliating players, adults spewing profanity from the stands and mothers and fathers engaging in “he said/she said” propaganda and antics that play out like a day in the life of their own jr. high children?! Sadly, with the recent celebrity of “Honey Boo Boo”, I think the answer would be, “yes”.

I’m sad and I’m mentally and physically drained…from watching kids sports. A ridiculous statement, for sure.

I’m vowing right now to make a conscious effort to create something different — a positive environment where kids play, grow and have fun and parents watch and support. Period! Enough drama. Let’s play ball.

Whose with me?

Stay sane, my friend.


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That background drama sounds lame and said. Do the kids even enjoy.



November 27, 2012

Thankfully, several of those examples are extreme and are random. I think, for the most part, most of the kids really love the game and really enjoy the experience. I swear, I think the kids should be dropped off at the field and parents never allowed to stay and watch. ha ha What a different game it would be. I’ve made some wonderful friends and met some very lovely people over the past six years. My daughter has created some amazing friendships through the sport. It’s just sad when parental egos and opinions and dysfunction muck it up. It’s truly a joy to watch my daughter play.


Allison DeFord

November 27, 2012

I’m glad that there are many positive experiences that can be had as well – for both you and your daughter.



November 27, 2012

Right on! It is mortifying the number of tears shed in my office b/c a kid didn’t make a travel team or made the team but doesn’t get enough playing time or has a conflictual relationship with a parent who is also a coach. And this is supposed to be fun?!? Parents have no one to blame but themselves. I am sooooo with you!


Dr. Sayers

November 27, 2012

Parents need to stop living vicariously through their children!! Just let the girls have fun and play ball!!!!



June 29, 2014

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