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Confessions of a Professional Mom

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Experience a Change of Heart

November 13, 2012 , , , ,

Have a Change of Heart

We talk alot about changing your mind, or changing your perspective or changing your underwear (ok, not the last one) and we rarely talk about a change of heart. 

That’s bigger! When you have a change of heart you see things in a whole new way. You have a mind shift. A belief shift. It’s what we help our clients do with their brands, but you can do it within yourself and with your family too.

Think about it…daily changes of heart. You can wake up every day in reaction mode and immediately contemplate all that you have to “deal” with today or circumstances you have to “react” to. A mentor of mine, Steve Chandler, says to consider the systems you have in place. There’s a system that’s perpetuating the results you’re getting. It’s a perfect system for those results. There’s nothing wrong with it. There’s nothing wrong with you. However, if you desire different results then put new systems in place. Doing this means you’ve experienced a change of heart.

Bigger changes of heart. A very dear friend of mine used to make “fag” jokes and mock gay people until I told him about my dad, who was gay and died from AIDS. Then I introduced him to my dear friend, whose gay. He’s spent alot of time with her over the years, at family dinners and parties. He told me recently that he’d had a change of heart. He realizes now that he was afraid of something he didn’t really understand. He thanked me and said that I changed his life. He now sees many things differently and his whole world has opened up. Wow! All I did was introduce him to a really wonderful person. The rest was him. Big change of heart.

I believe you can have a change of heart in small situations too. Like, when your child is arguing about how high you made her pony tail or that the waffles were cut too thick and you want to throw her through a window and hop a plane to Fiji. I can choose to have a change of heart about the situation. About her. I can create a different outcome with my own thinking and feelings and actions.

I have the power to experience a change of heart — big or small. You do too.

Had any lately?

Stay sane, my friends.


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This is so beautiful Allison. Thank you for this!



November 14, 2012

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