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Confessions of a Professional Mom

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Cawfee Tawk!

November 5, 2012 , , , , ,

Cawfee tawk! How the conversation changes!

Ever notice how different your conversations are now compared to when you were a twenty-something?


“Sick ride, dude! Where’d you get those rims?”

“I’m not even showing up at the party until, like, midnight.”

“My head is pounding from all that Petron last night. Pass me a beer…”hair of the dog”!

“I feel fat, my size 2’s are getting tight. Hey, pass the Doritos!”


“Little Charlie loves his new Shi Shi La La $500 stroller. You should really get one!”

“Let’s arrive fashionably late to Jen’s party, like, around 8, but we have a sitter, so gotta be home by midnight.”

“Those martini’s were wicked last night! The last one was purple and smoking. Need sleep! Partying was easier in our 20’s!”

“I feel fat; never have time to work out anymore. I’m gonna try the Tic Tac Diet!”


“Wow, love your new washer and dryer. How many loads can you do a day?”

“Is it sad that I’m too tired to even go to Jill’s party?! Let’s get there on time and leave early. The kids have games in the AM.”

“I should have stopped after the third glass of Gnarleyhead Red…feel like shit. Partying in my forties is kicking my butt.”

“Losing just 2 pounds takes a personal trainer, spin bike and removing the words carb, gluten and fat from my diet. My neck is killing me, my knees hurt and I can’t stop sweating.”

….Oh, I can hardly wait for fifty-something!

Stay sane, my friends.


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