Confessions of a Professional Mom

Confessions of a Professional Mom

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It’s Groundhog Day Again! Call Me Punxsatawney Ally!

October 10, 2012 , , , , , ,

It's groundhog day, just shoot me. I give up!Wake up

Work out

Argue with kids

Nearly kill kids

Get kids to school

Get to work

Service clients all day

Put out fires


Text from kids

Guilt from kids

Get kids from daycare

Stop by drugstore pick up Prosac

Pick up dry cleaning

Get home

Observe messy house

Refrain from killing kids

Sports practice


Make dinner

Throw in load of laundry

Fold a load

Bath time

Kids to bed

Make lunches

Clean up kitchen

Holy shit, it’s 9:30pm!

Marvel at how great sex sounded earlier

WINE STAT!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so fucking tired. Didn’t we just do this yesterday?

Some days it feels like Groundhog Day! Sadly, I don’t do all the above alone (thank you helpful husband/dad)! Most of you probably don’t either. So, why does it feel like SO MUCH? Is it the repetition? Is it the lack of free time? Time to just have a thought and not feel like if you stop for 2 seconds you’re going to get behind and then regret taking that 2 second time out with an unhealthy injection of “shoulds”?

I’m trying a few things to change this “feeling” so much like Groundhog Day. I’m getting creative! I realized I don’t ask for help enough. I need to ask the kids to participate in the lunch making. Ask the oldest to start helping with the laundry. She already does dishwasher duty and trash/recyling duty, so that’s a bonus. Change it up. Utilize the crock pot. Institute a date night. Only pick up dry cleaning and toilet paper on the weekends. Eat out. Take a quick walk or bike ride after dinner. Hire a tutor. Move out. (eee eee eee eeeeee) Put a groundhog in their bed. You know, shake things up a little.

What about you? You have Groundhog Days? What do you do to get creative?

Stay sane, my friends.


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