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13 going on 30

September 21, 2012 , , , , , , , , , ,

13 Going on 30

© 2004 Columbia Pictures

When you were 13 didn’t you think about being 30, flirty and thriving?

Like all the women in the magazines we read. Instead of being that awkward teen with acne, glasses, braces and breast buds I thought about being older, beautiful, sophisticated, wealthy and living in Manhattan with a high-powered job that afforded me vacations in the south of France.

Oh, that didn’t happen for you either?

One of my favorite movies to watch with my girls is “13 Going On 30”, starring Jennifer Garner. The main character, Jenna Rink, is the epitome of awkward and dreams of being 30, flirty and thriving like the girls in Poise magazine. With the help of a little magic dust (insert fell asleep and dreaming here) all her wishes come true. Funny thing is, she quickly realizes that having all those things doesn’t bring her happiness in the end and she yearns for her parents (who’d a thunk), her sweet disposition and her old (boy)friend, Matt. In the end she enjoys her journey, remains grounded and marries the love of her life…you guessed it…Matt!

As a kid, I used to live in the future much of the time. I yearned to be the kid in the Dr. Pepper commercial, singing and dancing and drinking all the Dr. Pepper I wanted. I yearned to be Kristy McNichol who, in my mind, had the coolest life, acting and skateboarding in Southern California. My head was always in the clouds instead of on the ground. Always wishing for something else.

What I know now is that my “happy ever after” is already here. It’s all around me every day. I live in the present. Oh, I still dream! I consider what I’ll wear when I have lunch with Oprah or hang out and bullshit with Tom Hanks. How I’ll decorate my beach house in Hawaii.

The difference now is that I don’t constantly yearn for any of the dreams. I take small steps toward the things that really matter every day. I stop and smell the proverbial roses. I write in a gratitude journal every night. I am aware of my blessings and don’t take for granted what’s right in front of my nose. I am present. In the moment. Grateful. Happy.

I heard a story about the difference between hoping and deciding. When you stop and think about it, it’s so very true. I can sit around hoping my life will be a certain way sometime in the future OR I can decide what I want to create and take steps to create it every day.

(I do still HOPE I’ll get that chance with Oprah some day.)

Stay sane, my friends.


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This is both of my daughter’s all time favorite movie! Love it! Great post. Great message. Great woman!!!



September 21, 2012

Oprah is waiting for you…have you seen this?



September 22, 2012

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