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Confessions of a Professional Mom

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Bloated and Proud of It

February 3, 2012 , , , , , , ,

Bloaty and Proud! 

Ever have those days (or weeks) when you just feel bloaty? (say the word bloaty with a British accent, it’s much more fun)

This is that week for me. Instead of my usual reaction, this week I’m just owning it. I’m proud of it. It just is what it is. BLOATY

Now, it’s not my favorite feeling, by any stretch, but it is one that I’m learning to live with from time to time. I want to know what you do when you feel bloaty? Do you exercise more? Do you eat more? Do you cry more? Do you wear bigger pants?

This week I’m feeding it. I’m still eating healthy, but if I want some extra brown rice or quinoa, then dammit, I’m going to have some. (wine also falls into the feeding category, just so we’re clear) I’m not stressing about feeling like a giant cow. I’m experiencing a new kind of awareness and response this week. I am sticking with journalling every morning, even if I don’t feel like it. BINGO! Morning starts off with minimal self-loathing and lots of self love. Then, I’m not freaking out because my jeans feel tight around the waist. So what. It’s temporary, right?! I’m eating a little more if I choose to and not feeling guilty for doing so. I’m exercising even if I don’t feel like it. Again, winning strategy!

All systems are go. Supporting each other. Talking to each other. Working together. (now you all know that I’m really Sybil) So in plain English, my inner mean girl is gagged and bound up and hating all the goodness I’m dumping on her this week. She’s pissed. I, however, am happier. I win!

So, if you’re feeling bloaty this week, just own it. Go with it. Be proud of it. You’re a woman. An amazing creature.

Allison – 1
Inner Mean Girl – 0


Stay sane, my friends.


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It’s a case of what I call the winter uglies. Even if you live in SoCal. Get a haircut or a massage, that helps.
Hey have your girls seen: Marcel the Shell? Funny. Just in concert in LA, the teen sensation: One Direction from the UK. My best friend’s 17 year old daughter is obsessed. Very cute videos and well marketed!


Gretchen Schisla

February 3, 2012

Bloaty time for me means first feeling a little extra frisky, followed by a craving for chocolate, followed by a craving for vegetable dip, followed by chocolate, followed by vegetable dip, followed by a little extra friskiness in the bowels if you know what I mean.



February 3, 2012

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