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Confessions of a Professional Mom

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For the Love of Shoes

January 23, 2012 , ,

I Love Shoes

It dawned on me today…I now spend more on shoes for my kids than I do for myself. When did this happen? This is wrong. I’m not digging it!

You know, at first they trick you. They don’t even really need shoes for the first year. So you buy them those cute little shoes from wherever that cost a little bit of nothing and call it good, right?! Now that they’re 4-1/2 and 12, it seems they need shoes every other week for something. Tap shoes, ballet shoes, running shoes for PE, ugg boots, rain boots, fashion boots (do they even call them this anymore), Vans, Converse, low top, high top, sandals, dress shoes, cleats, volleyball shoes, golf shoes, basketball shoes and let’s not forget all the flip flops…..IT’S ENDLESS! They may have to both get jobs just to pay for all the shoes.

I could pretend to be selfless, like I’m happy to forgo collecting the latest spring and fall fashions. The leather…the suede, the accents, the wonderful new colors and shapes…how good they look on my feet. I could be a realist and admit that I don’t actually NEED any new shoes. I could actually admit that I could go without buying new shoes for the rest of my life. But, as Bon Qui Qui says, “Don’t get crazy!”

I have to make a confession. I am Allison and I am a shoe-a-holic. I love shoes. I love my kids and will continue to make sure they have all the footwear they need, but I miss all those random purchases for moi. The amazing designer wedges I’d find at The Rack or TJ Maxx that are usually $300 and I can get them for a steal at $89. But wait, now I question my motives. Question whether or not they are in my budget. Question the fact that I am in need of said shoes. Ponder the $300 I forked out last month to replenish the shoes of a 12-year old whose feet are growing like she’s on steroids. When did I get so sensible?! Sensible sucks.

Hhhhhhh. I can still make the occasional purchase for me. Just not as frequently and within $ parameters of acceptable versus outrageous. On the bright side, I could live in a country where women have no shoes; or shoes made from plastic bottles and string; or shoes, but no freedom or value as a woman. I hate it when I come around to the brilliant conclusion that I need to stop crying and just be thankful. Sometimes I dislike the “bright side” very much. I just wanted to whine for a sec.

Ok, there, I ‘m done.

…but “here’s to shoes!” Love, love, love, love, love ’em

Stay sane, my friends.


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Is is really that you can’t buy them or is it more about not having anywhere to wear said shoes to. Personally, I’d wear mine to Target if I could just fit into them again. My pregnancy cankles came on full force in December. I am currently the proud wearer of a ‘sassy’ (snort) pair of black Sketchers slip-ons that pretend they are like those chic Puma versions. And some pseudo Ugg type slippers. And since I live where there is snow – Totes winter boots. While languishing in my closet are the most beautiful suede boots and platforms and flats that normally decorate my tootsies this time of year. Some day my friends we will join again 🙂



January 25, 2012

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