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Confessions of a Professional Mom

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How 15 Minutes Can Change Your Life

January 11, 2012 , , , , , , ,

This occurred to me this morning…15 minutes can change your entire day, your kids day, your co-workers day or even your life.

One of my favorite movies is “Sliding Doors”, starring Gwyneth Paltrow. Have you seen it? In the movie, literally 15 minutes and a different choice changes her entire life. It’s fascinating to consider.

For example, take this morning…I dragged my butt out of bed a half hour earlier (it was actually the time I am supposed to get up, but I digress) and grabbed my journal and found a lovely spot on the floor directly in front of our front door (all glass), so I could enjoy the morning light outside. It was too chilly to actually sit outside. Anyway, I wrote the date at the top of a fresh white page, then proceeded to write 12 sentences (an exercise my mentor taught me) all about me and what I’m thankful for about ME. Yes, I begrudgingly included my boobs and stretchmarks. (I’m giving self love a fighting chance this year)

Well, what happened next was, extraordinary….I was smiling and singing. Woke the girls up for school. They magically (wait, this means weren’t rushed because I pushed snooze too many times) woke up easily and also happy. We all got out the door on time and without losing life or limb. Huh! The rest of the day pretty much followed this pattern. EXTRAORDINARY!

This concept caused me to consider the other ways in which a mere 15 minutes can change your life:

| 1 |  It’s time to head out the door in the morning and someone has to poop…15 minutes later, we’re now late.

| 2 |  I arrive at TJ Maxx and suddenly realize I have to poop…they don’t open for 15 minutes…dammit, now I’m sweating and considering the questionable gas station bathroom across the street. (HEY, this has happened to my sister before too, so we’re BOTH weird!)

| 3 |  I stop to take time to chat with a homeless guy at Starbucks…15 minutes later I pass an accident that just happened on the freeway.

| 4 |  I really don’t feel like reading to my daughter because I’m sooo tired and I just want to fold into the couch with a glass of wine….15 minutes later she thanks me and tells me how much she loves reading with me and I feel a rush of pure joy fill my body and energize me.

| 5 |  Take 15 minutes to send out an email to all of your friends telling them how much you appreciate them…the responses are overwhelming and you made someones day!

| 6 |  Even though you’re going to be late to your appt. stop and talk with the gal at Starbucks…15 minutes later, you realize you just made a brand new friend.

I challenge you to give yourself an extra 15 minutes and see what happens. 

Stay sane, my friends.


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Brilliant my friend! I’m not one of those people who chase 15 minutes of fame, I look for those 15 minutes when I can make a difference 🙂



January 11, 2012

Fabulous post, Allison. Your first story put a huge smile on my face and the rest got me thinking. And, there were laughs throughout, as always!
I’m going to take your challenge (and I’ll try to check out the movie, too).
Keep the self-love happening!!



January 11, 2012

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