Confessions of a Professional Mom

Confessions of a Professional Mom

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2012—A few less corks and alot more zen!

December 29, 2011 , , , , , , ,

This time of year most of us take a breath after the holiday rush is through and spend some time (60 seconds or less, depending on whether or not the kids are around) reflecting on the past 365 days…of “Freaky Friday” like mornings consisting of:


waking up way too early to do yoga-while simultaneously painting your nails, scritching the dog, running through an upcoming client presentation and indulging in a little self loathing because you still have that extra muffin top that knocks you in the face every time you throw your legs back in plow
•only to then squeeze into something fabulous (note to self: stop drinking wine every night), accessorize with the watch that doesn’t work, but looks perfect with your ensemble and hope no one notices that its broken
•wake up your sleeping angels
drag the pre-teen out of bed (again, I reference “Freaky Friday”)
shove some breakfast down them
•participate in a fashion dilemma with the 4-year old
revel in a ration of rebuking because the P.E. uniform didn’t magically wash itself
•drop the kids at school
•realize you signed up AND FORGOT to bring cookies
•apologize that that was your outside voice
fetch some cookies and drop them back off at school
•spew out a couple momentary daggers-o-jealousy toward the moms who appear to be rushing off to the gym instead of the office
•grab your morning elixir at Starbucks
marvel at the homeless guy whose always there and ALWAYS has a smile for you
•jump on the freeway and sit in traffic for the next 30 minutes
•breeze into the office with a concocted air of cool and calm
wear 10 hats throughout the day and decide that none of them “fits just right,”
retrieve 3 texts from your daughter wondering why you’re not there to pick her up yet, since they’re water-board torturing her at day care
•tear out of work during the height of creativity
•sit in traffic; consider phoning a friend then deciding that would take more energy than you have left
•thank the Lord that your “other half” could pick up the kids
retrieve the youngest from the ball field
•cruise home
•throw some dinner together and try and eat before 7:30pm (knowing full well that this isn’t helping the “muffin top” situation)
•enjoy a little “tag-team” bath giving, storybook reading, prayer listening and child tucking
smile graciously at hubby cleaning up the kitchen
•pour a glass of wine (again, not helping the “muffin top”)
sit down at 9pm
•take a breath
•wish for more hours in the day


I know you can relate. Shoot, your days may make mine look like a picnic. Please, indulge me! How did women in the 1700’s do it? I think they worked even harder than we do. They were tough as nails. On top of it all they didn’t have tampons, pedi’s, prozac or Bev Mo! There are many reasons I was born in the 1960’s. My rate of survival would have been much lower had I not been.

So, in retrospect, was the past year your “cup of tea?” I have to say it was more like “glasses of wine” for moi. Let’s just say, if I wanted to make initials out of corks, I could cover the Brady’s, Partridges and the gang from “What’s Happenin’!” (whatever happened to them anyway?) I think this year will have a few less corks and alot more zen. I’m going to get out of my head and into my spirit. Does that sound all new-agey?! Sorry.

I’ve got to get out of my own head though. Do you struggle with this too? I believe it’s what’s holding women back. Holding us back from being who we really are. Finding our true calling. Showing up IN THE MOMENT. Loving ourselves for the amazing women we are. So, with that said, here’s what I’m going to do in 2012. I can’t wait to hear what the upcoming year looks like for you. Please share.

1. Say I LOVE YOU to myself every day

2. Get out of my own head

3. Honor my sacred space

4. Put good things into my body

5. Use my voice

6. Stop being afraid

7. Create a better relationship with money

8. Avoid wheat

9. Follow my passion

10. “Show up” in every situation


Happy New Year, my friends. And if I haven’t told you lately…YOU ROCK!


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Oy! I used to read this blog with mirth because I knew I was spared such ‘misery’. Now that I’m looking down both barrels of being a professional mom I figured I’d start confessing. So I raise my caffeine free coca-cola (the beverage I can’t seem to get enough of these days) to you and the new year and what I hope it will bring.
1.) I look forward to seeing my husband hold his baby.
2.) I look forward to seeing what we have created – and spoiling it rotten with kisses and hugs.
3.) I look forward to the new direction my professional life is taking.
4.) I look forward to vodka and a properly made old-fashioned. But I may have to wait until 2013 for that.
5.) I look forward to forgiving myself many times.
6.) I look forward to creative expression.
7.) I look forward to helping others learn to love and forgive themselves.
8.) I look forward to growth.
9.) I look forward to the sun and summer. Especially on this 0 degree day in front of my space heater.
10.) I look forward to reading more confessions!!!!



January 4, 2012

D, I can’t thank you enough for your confessions! There, don’t you feel better? I can’t wait to meet your personal creation. When is the arrival?


Allison DeFord

January 11, 2012

April 23 is the expected date. We’ll see when Charlie decides he wants to actually join the party.



January 11, 2012

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