Confessions of a Professional Mom

Confessions of a Professional Mom

Professional mom seeking clarity, balance and a well deserved glass of wine.

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October 11, 2011 , , , , , , , , , ,

“I’m looking to meet someone who has kids and runs a business and has a crazy life, like me. Do you know anyone like that?”

This was a request by, my now friend, Kelly. She was working with my business coach and mentor and was feeling like she needed to connect with someone who could relate to her crazy, busy, happy and challenging life. He told her, “Kelly, you need to meet Allison.”

Kelly and I started skyping once a month and quickly realized we shared the same reality. The reality of being a wife and mother and business owner and creative thinker and tazi driver and dinner-fixer and mess-cleaner-upper and story teller and human resources expert and money-maker and people pleaser and professional self-loather and cheerleader and team supporter and large volume wine drinker. (ok, that last one was more my reality than Kelly’s, but I digress.)

We realized that we were not alone. There’s another amazing woman out there juggling this precisely-orchestrated thing we now call life and she’s doing it without going insane. She has ideas for me. She has wisdom for me. She believes in me. She admires me. She GETS me.

It became crystal clear to me, the very first day I (virtually) met Kelly, that I wasn’t alone. That I wasn’t the only one with this challenging life. This epiphany felt like a true a-ha moment. It felt so empowering to get so much from this other woman,yet be able to give so much back—effortlessly. My relationship with Kelly, and now with other professional moms, is easy. It’s inspiring. It’s enriching (right, Gretchen).

I then figured out that I was meant to write this blog. I was meant to use my voice to connect with women globally. To connect them with each other. To help them find their true voice and use it to speak. To ask for what they need. To say what they think. To not only tell stories to their children, but to tell their own story. To use it for good, instead of evil—self-love instead of self-loathing.

It’s taken me a long time to love my voice. I’m finally ready to use it. To connect every woman with her Kelly. We’re an amazing dichotomy–professional/mother. It’s the most challenging thing I’ve personally ever done. I want to share my stories and learn from those of every other woman whose lost or fallen out of love with her voice…on this crazy journey called professional motherhood.

Are you in love with your voice? Are you using it for good or evil? Comment below and tell me what you think.
(don’t forget to share this with a friend…or a Kelly) 

Stay sane, my friends.


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