Confessions of a Professional Mom

Confessions of a Professional Mom

Professional mom seeking clarity, balance and a well deserved glass of wine.

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Bon Appetit

October 4, 2011 , , ,

I usually blog about all the challenges I encounter as a professional and a mom, but I had to take this opportunity to share a really great part of being a professional mom….last night our oldest daughter (with her little sister acting as sous chef and annoying distraction) made my husband and I dinner. Complete with a gourmet salad, chips and salsa and a Corona Light with a lime. Oh, and homemade brownies with pink sprinkles.

You know your kids are growing up when they take the initiative and prepare a meal and serve you alcohol without you asking. It was so wonderful. So thoughtful. It almost made me sad that she’s old enough to do this. Isn’t that crazy. Coming from ME. The mom who was thrilled at each phase of the first year when my babies moved on to the NEXT phase. Done with crawling…on to walking. Done with jabbering…on to talking. Done with baby food…on to solids. Done with bottles…get out the sippy cups.

This felt different. I was a little melancholy. Let’s not discount the fact that I’m hormonal and blessed with Aunt Flo visiting right now. But, something about this phase felt cool and sad all at the same time. She’s developing and changing and it’s starting to feel like it’s happening very fast. Part of me wants her to stay young and innocent and sweet. The other looks forward to helping her pick out a college and backpacking around Europe and a “Father of the Bride” style wedding, complete with Franc and a navy Armani tux for her dad. (love that movie)

My first baby is growing up and I don’t want to miss a minute. Ok, maybe all the crabby, hormonal, bossy, moody moments, but the rest….the rest will be devoured, like a delicious moist cake with perfect icing…slowly and with pure enjoyment. I’ve got to make sure I slow down and make time for all the good stuff.

Sometimes my inner mean girl (remember her, Jezabelle?) starts in criticizing me for getting irritated every time the kids are sick and I have to stay home from work with them. It’s not always me. My husband does the sick duty too. But, I don’t always have the best attitude when it comes to attending field trips and school events and any other parental volunteering opportunity. Why do I feel like they’re invasions into my professional time?! Seems silly when I think about it now. I want to come at these things with a better attitude. I want to make sure I’m a part of my kids school lives and memories. I want them to feel like I’m happy to be involved.

Maybe I just have to fake it sometimes. That’s ok, right?! There’s other fakers out there….I’m not the only one, right?! Help me out here.

So, bon appetit! I hope, if you haven’t already, you can experience your kids making you dinner and what a treat it is. (The aprons and brownie face paint were the best parts, I have to say)

Stay sane, my friends.


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